Author: John K

John K

John is an avid enthusiast of GPS-based video games and a dedicated member of the gaming community. His passion for exploring the intersection of real-world locations and digital landscapes shines through in his commitment to outdoor gaming adventures

Bandai Namco has once again captivated the fighting game community with the much-anticipated release of Tekken 8, setting the stage on January 26, 2024. This latest installment in the storied Tekken franchise propels the saga forward with a gripping narrative centered on the enduring conflict between the Mishima and Kazama clans. Titled “The Dark Awakens,” the storyline unfolds with Kazuya Mishima’s escalating power posing a dire threat to humanity, urging Jin Kazama to step in and confront his father using the formidable Devil Gene. A sneak peek into this enthralling narrative was provided through a consumer demo, allowing players to…

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Welcome to the exciting world of GPS gaming, where the adventure isn’t just on your screen—it’s all around you! GPS (Global Positioning System) video games merge the digital universe with our physical world, creating an interactive gaming experience that encourages exploration, exercise, and social interaction.

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